History of the traveler skull

The traveler skull is a style of crystal skull that was conceived by Master crystal skull carver Leandro de Souza somewhere in the year 2012. Leandro de Souza is a well known crystal master carver from Brazil that has been carving crystal skulls for over 35 years.

The idea for the traveler skull style came from a vision of a crystal skull that was traveling through space and time, resembling a comet with a tail passing through the solar system. Prior to carving the first two traveler skulls ever, Leandro only had some general ideas about the shape and design of this new type of skull but was not sure about the specifics and exact design. The only thing he had was the vision of a skull with a tail traveling through the Universe. He selected two large smoky citrine points, turned on his carving machine, and started working.

During the carving process he was still struggling to find the exact shape and movement for this new style of crystal skull. Halfway during the first steps of the carving process Leandro received an energy and vision of the exact shape and style. A friend who was watching him work recognised this moment and later described it as a lightning strike that hit Leandro’s crown. Immediately Leandro continued to work without stopping and 10 minutes he finished the shaping of the first two traveler skulls ever.

After these first two traveler skulls Leandro continued to improve and perfect the design, strengthening his connection with, and understanding of the energy of these special crystal skulls.


Shape of the traveler skull

Over the years the shape and energy of the traveler skulls carved by Leandro continued to evolve and change. They became more organic, flowing and playful (like Leandro’s dolphin carvings) and more activated, meaning it became easier and easier for people to connect and work with them.

Besides the full-carved traveler skulls Leandro also carves natural pointed, half carved travelers where he only carves the skull head leaving the natural crystal point intact representing the tail. A more recent shape is the star traveler skull which is a cross breed of the traditional traveler skull and the star being skull, another one of Leandro’s designs on which we will write a separate blog post later.


Like with all Leandro’s carvings, other people start copying his newest designs as soon as they are released. Sometimes it only takes 3 weeks until the first copies of new crystal skull designs show up. But without a deeper understanding of the idea and energies of a skull style, and without the extraordinary carving skills Leandro possesses, it is close to impossible to make a good copy of his work. When compared to the original work, these copies only show the real quality of Leandro’s work. And without a deep connection to the essence of a specific skull style it is impossible to represent this energy in a carving.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

Oddities: traveler skulls love to travel!

Lots of people have reported strange and unusual experiences with Leandro’s traveler skulls. The first two traveler skulls that Leandro made were brought to The Netherlands by one of his friends. But his checked luggage with the skulls got lost and it took them another two weeks to arrive at their destination. Since then many people have reported similar experiences of traveler skulls that got delayed in the mail or even ended up in other countries. As if the skulls enjoy to travel and choose to extend their journey a bit before arriving at their final destination.

Where to buy traveler skulls by master skull carver Leandro de Souza?

You can buy a traveler skull directly in Leandro de Souza's online crystal skull shop, during one of the events or gem shows he is attending, or through one of the resellers listed on this page. Below are a couple of currently available traveler skulls. You can also send us a message using the contact form below.
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