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What are traveler skulls?
The traveler skull is a style of crystal skull that was conceived by Master crystal skull carver Leandro de Souza somewhere in the year 2012. Leandro de Souza is a well known crystal master carver from Brazil that has been carving crystal skulls for over 35 years. The idea for the traveler skull style came from a vision of a crystal skull that was traveling through space and time, resembling a comet with a tail passing through the solar system. Prior to carving the first two traveler skulls ever, Leandro only had some general ideas about the shape and design of this new type of skull but was not sure about the specifics and exact design....
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About master crystal skull carver Leandro
Geraldo Leandro de Souza is a master skull carver from Brazil. Leandro's fascination for gemstones and art started early in life. As a little boy he loved to search for beryl crystals and tourmalines that the floods brought from the mountains at the farm of his grandfather. He was fascinated by their natural beauty and perfection. As time passed he got more and more interested in stones and when one day he saw a small turtle carved in very clear amethyst he was impressed how someone could make something of such beauty from a stone. 
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